Public Statement

This is a statement of clarification regarding Abolish Prostitution Now. It has become known to us that there are some people who, probably understandably, have gotten the impression that this movement has been driven mostly by allies, with minimal input from survivors of prostitution and sex-trafficking. We are taking this opportunity to send out the clear message that this is not the case.

While there has been only a small number of publicly visible sex-trade survivors involved in the Abolish Prostitution Now launch, there are a far greater number of us involved who must preserve our anonymity. We know that we do not need to convince anyone of the need for survivor anonymity, and misunderstandings like these are an unfortunate but understandable consequence of that.

We would also like to take this opportunity to repeat the call for support from survivors of prostitution and sex-trafficking, wherever in the world they may happen to be. All persons who have been harmed in systems of prostitution are welcomed and encouraged to sign on to the first draft of our survivors’ letter to the United Nations and the Council of Europe, and are encouraged also to contact Abolish Prostitution Now with any ideas or suggestions that might enable us to work together towards a prostitution-free world.

In solidarity,
The prostitution and sex-trafficking
survivors of Abolish Prostitution Now