Many groups, one goal

Questions have been raised in the social media on the internet regarding some activists in Abolish Prostitution Now. It seems to be fairly well known that since this movement, Abolish Prostitution Now, was launched we require that no one participate in trashing or attacking other women or sabotage their work. We realize that especially because of the pain inherent in confronting the prostitution issue, and particularly its effect on survivors, we had to find different ways of dealing with fall-outs that inevitably happen in movements without descending into attacks on other women.
While there have been past disagreements and alleged charges stemming back to earlier radical feminist conferences, it is the position of Abolish Prostitution Now that when there are irreconcilable disagreements, the radical feminist movement is best served by women going their different ways, organizing their own events, actions, protests separate from those with whom they have disagreement. We recognize that it is particularly healthy for radical feminism to grow our movement when we open new spaces for women who cannot and will not work together. In fact, creating new movements or organizations expands the choices women have who are finding their way into radi
cal feminism.
That being said, we in Abolish Prostitution Now support the women we are working with including those against whom charges have been alleged. In our commitment to global feminism, we remain open to any radical feminists who want to work with us. And from our perspective there cannot be too many radical feminist movements, conferences or events. We recognize and accept the different feminist groups working on the same issue show strength to our opposition. Abolish Prostitution Now works directly on the issues of sexual exploitation without hostility to any other groups. Within our movement, we are pleased to be working together in an environment of trust and support. It should go without saying that because we are radical feminists who are committed to finding positive ways to resolve differences, accusations and problems, groups who are dissatisfied with our work do not experience attacks from us.
Abolish Prostitution Now Core Group
March, 2014

Is Amnesty International going to condone prostitution? by Robin Morgan

(CNN) — What if the world’s most distinguished human rights organization decided to condone pimping? Unthinkable, right? But that’s what happened when Amnesty International put forth a document calling for the legalization of prostitution.” Read the rest of this article here.