Jimmy Carter to Amnesty International – in full support of Nodic Model

President Jimmy Carter to the Secretary General of Amnesty International:

”I believe that to adopt this policy proposal [on the legalization of sex work] would undermine important gains being made to generate a consensus around the urgent goal of reducing this form of sexual exploitation.

After reviewing many of the approaches that have been tried and studied, I have concluded that the most important policy change will be to increase penalties for pimps and consumers and to decriminalize victims and survivors.”

President Carter sent this letter to the Secretary General of Amnesty International with an attached request that it be shared by every member of AI worldwide.

Our heartfelt thanks go to former US President Jimmy Carter for his swift action towards Amnesty International and for his full support of the Nordic Model.  President Carter’s decision comes as a great encouragement for survivors and activists, for our work and efforts to globally raise awareness of what prostitution really is, and to abolish this violation of human rights.

Abolish Prostitution Now


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