Urgent letter from Australia

The latest update from AI Australia is that while some members have questioned the origin of the draft policy on prostitution, 62% are for full decriminalization. AI Australia have sourced their consultation from the Scarlet Alliance (and others) which is a pimp run group allied with Douglas Fox (Brothel owner) who drafted the policy in the first place.
The Scarlet Alliance are a group posing as a support service to prostituted people yet have no exiting strategies, and have everything to lose if the Nordic Model is put in place here.
The Scarlet Alliance place great emphasis on the perils of the stigmatization of “sex workers” by “non-sex-workers” when the stigma should lie squarely with them (the pimps) and the johns.
The Scarlet Alliance say that they get their information from “sex workers”- what they don’t say is that in their policy language everyone from a pimp to the taxi driver is deemed a “sex worker.” This is KEY strategy by which they say whatever suits them and can claim it is from the prostituted.
The next forum is June 22 and it is likely that the decision to implement this policy drafted by those selling commercialized rape will pass if we don’t act.

Please email AIA at: policyconsultation@amnesty.org.au

Let them know we are not going to give in to the continued use of women as commodities nor be fooled by the claim that it will help keep women and children safer! We know this claim is a lie and the pimps have no concern about anything but lining their own pockets.

Just as we do not expect mining companies to give accurate or honest opinions on Land Rights and Indigenous peoples, we cannot expect it from those who make money off the ongoing sexual slavery of other human beings.
In solidarity, Urgently,

Simone Andrea

One thought on “Urgent letter from Australia

  1. Excellent statement Simone especially concerning accurate and honest opinions!

    For Amnesty International Australia to even be considering developing policy on ‘sex laws’ having received only 6 responses from NGO’s in Australia with only one of those coming from a pro Nordic model group is an indictment on their complete disrespect for democractic process and an informed and proper consultation process. The Action of the Amnesty Board in Australia is a slap in the face to members of this ‘member led’ organisation – the vast majority of whom have no idea just how unrepresentative, biased and flawed the International Secretariat policy and consultation process is – one that has excluded voices of survivors, and evidence/reports from jurisdictions which have adopted Nordic model laws.

    If Amnesty persist down this route..the backlash will be enormous.

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