March 8th Protest of Amnesty International

Please join us.

Amnesty International UK are proposing to adopt a policy position which advocates for the decriminalisation of punters and pimps across the world. Further to this, a pimp who held a leadership role in the organisation is claiming that he was the instigator and driver of the policy. Amnesty is currently consulting with members and other groups about the proposed policy. If you would like to take part in the consultation by opposing Amnesty’s support of pimps and punters rights, please come along and show your opposition on March 8th.

The 8th of March is International Women’s Day and Million Women Rise in the UK. We are organising this protest to take place after the Million Women Rise march (and immediately before the after party) at the London Amnesty head office, which is only a 20 minute walk from the MWR after party, so women can protest and then head to the after party afterwards.

Hosted by Abolish Prostitution Now and Radfem UK

Endorsed by: SPACE International, Survivors for Solutions, Edmonton Small Press Association, Julie Bindel, Spinifex PressOrganizing for Women’s Liberation, Feminist Current, The Sisterhood Is Global Institute, Robin Morgan, Melissa Farley and Prostitution Research and Education, Manchester Feminist Network, Ruhama (please add your endorsement by messaging us the name of you or your group)




December 10th, 2013 Campaign Launch!


Please join us for our campaign launch by spreading the word on Facebook and on Twitter. Our Twitter is @AbolishNow and you can tweet under the hash #abolishprostitutionnow or #APN

How else you can help: Raise Awareness about the campaign, make some noise, invite your friends, share the event, and later we will have a website with a forum where you can share your thoughts and discuss prostitution with a wider audience.

We will be publishing the letter we have prepared for the United Nations in English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, and Korean. If you can add a language to this list, please contact any of the organizers to arrange to translate.

We thank you all in advance. Let’s Abolish Prostitution Now!

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