Join Virtual Protest of Amnesty International on January 30th

Amnesty is calling for decriminalization of prostitution. According to Amnesty, “The criminalisation of voluntary sex between adults, whether for direct monetary gain or otherwise, threatens the rights to health, non-discrimination, equality, privacy, and security of person.”

A Virtual Protest of Amnesty International is taking place on Twitter:

On the Sunday the 29th of January, a visual campaign started on Twitter from @invisblechoice (The Invisible Men project), using the hashtag #QuestionsForAmnesty to draw attention to this leaked document from Amnesty International: – as exposed by Julie Bindel here:

Here are the images made for the campaign that you’ll have seen circulating:

We are protesting Amnesty’s new policy on January 30th, but let’s start and join the protest now! Please join us too. Rachel Moran of SPACE International will be at the Northern Assembly hearings on Thursday Jan 30th representing survivors alone, and she could use our support!

What you can do:

1. Tweet the hashtag #questionsforamnesty @amnesty and support Rachel Moran @RachelRMoran

2. Make the campaign images from your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and/myspace profile image

3. Call them: Phillip can be reached in the UK at +442070331619.

4. Contact them on:, or

5. Email AI: and contact Cristina Finch, Managing Director of Women’s Human Rights Program and Vienna Colucci, Policy Director at Amnesty International. Their emails are and

6. Spread the word: Post this call to Action on your Facebook page, tweet it, email it, tell your friends. Let’s make sure we are heard!

7. Remind Amnesty of the men whose actions they are condoning: Twitter – @invisiblechoice.

8. Read and share the following articles:



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