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Women’s Coalition Launches Global Campaign
A committed group of women’s liberation activists from around the globe are launching a world-wide campaign against prostitution on December 10th. International Human Rights Day.

The campaign was initiated in response to two controversial United Nations Aids reports, which advocate legalisation or decriminalisation of prostitution. Prostitution survivors and other women’s groups have reacted strongly to the United Nations promoting prostitution with these measures. The new Women’s Coalition launched today are advocating that the UN recognise prostitution as sexual slavery, a violation of human rights, and insist that buyers be held accountable.

The activists support initiatives by countries including Sweden, Norway, Iceland, South Korea and France to criminalise punters/johns, whilst providing support programs for women to regain their health, their lives and their human dignity while locating viable work.

Well known women’s liberation activist and author and sociologist, Kathleen Barry said: “This new movement to end prostitution now has come together very quickly and is growing rapidly because courageous survivors are telling the world exactly what is done to them when they are bought by men to use for prostitution. Women around the world are showing that we are fed up with men’s patriarchal privilege to buy women for their own sexual and violent uses, to humiliate and demean them. We want that act of buying prostitution codified in global law as a violation of human rights and crimes against women. The outpouring of support for this work shows us that the time for these changes is now.”
This movement will lobby the United Nations, raise community consciousness, run social media action days, hold punters/johns accountable for their choices and platform the voices of survivors of prostitution, who are too often silenced.

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